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If you believe in limited government,individual responsibility, traditional values, and a strong national defense WE NEED YOUR HELP.  We need to organize for the political battles this fall, both local and Federal.  By sticking to our principles, we can keep Erath County conservative.  If you would like to help, please review and select as many opportunities as you can to help our cause on this  volunteer form.  Your willingness to help our efforts would be greatly appreciated, so call me or return the volunteer form so we can plan the work ahead.


First Responders Appreciation Rally!

Good Morning Erath County Republicans -
As we have observed over the weekend (11/13/2015) the horrific terrorist attacks in France it became obvious that it was perpetrated by isis (no I didn't FORGET to capitalize) and their sympathizers. This being said, Fox News and other news organization are reporting that several, if not all were Syrian refugees. As we all know Pres. Obama has said that the US is taking 10,000 of these Syrian refugees before the end of this year.
Therefore, I had a lengthy conversation with Congressman Roger Williams this morning about my concerns. Congressman Williams assured me that he and the other conservative Republicans in the House will be addressing this issue through the "power of the purse".
Everyone, please let your Congressman hear from you about this serious issue. Also, please keep Congressman Williams and the other leaders of our country in your prayers daily. They all need a "Thank You" for their service.
Thank You!
Danny Pelton - Chairman Erath County Republican Party

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